Missing Fabrics – A Success Story

Have you ever found the need to search for a particular fabric and had difficulties finding it? I have!

I recently switched two fabrics that I had purchased for a quilt, and my switch resulted in me being short yardage of one fabric that I needed to finish all my blocks. I went hunting thru all my local quilt and yardage stores, sent email inquiries to the fabric manufacturer, various quilt stores, and searched eBay and many online fabric stores. I was spending a lot of time on my search and truly fearful I was going to have to rip out many completed blocks, and start over with a new fabric.

A friend recommended I try MissingFabrics.com. While I had heard of this website previously, it is not something I had ever used. To my my delight I found it quite easy to post a notice about the fabric I was searching for, and within a few days I had heard back from the Winnipesaukee Quilt Company, that they had my fabric. I believe within a week of my notice being posted on MissingFabrics.com I actually had enough yardage in my possession to finish my quilt, as originally planned.

While I hope you never have the problem where you are short fabric, or searching for a fabric you can’t find in stock, but if you are I want to encourage you to give MissingFabrics.com a try as I had such a wonderful experience with them.

As I’m also very happy with the company that was able to sell me my missing fabric, at a very reasonable price, I also want to let you know more about Winnepesaukee Quilt Company. They have a store on eBay with a large selection, plus they have many more fabrics that are not always posted on eBay. So, if you are in need of a certain fabric, I recommend you consider contacting Winnepesaukee Quilt Company. There is a good chance they may have what you need, plus their prices are quite reasonable.



Click here to email Winnipesaukee Quilt Company.


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  1. I too am thrilled to have found the Winnipesaukee Quilt Company. I was searching for a particular Bali Pop her in our Ontario Quilt Shops and then decided to try Ebay and found it right away at Winnipesaukee for a lesser price than I would hav paid in the stores if I had found it. I highly recommend their Ebay site.


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