Udderly Delightful, Udder Cream

Today my hands felt pretty abused. They were dry from all my household projects and spending time playing with fabrics. I was pleased to find quick relief with Udderly Smooth, Udder Cream.

I consider myself selective in the types of hand lotions I like to use, as many cause my skin to react with a rash. I have been really happy with Udderly Smooth, Udder Cream. It quickly sooths my skin and moisterizes it, allowing my hands to quickly feel relief. And the dryness goes away and stays away! I keep a bottle in my sewing room and in my bathroom.

I recommend Udder Cream to all my friends. Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.








note: This is a completely honest review of Udderly Smooth, Udder Cream.  I have purchased and used this product for years and absolutely love it.  You can purchase Udderly Smooth products from their online store Amazon.com,  and here is a list of stores that carry it: http://www.udderlysmooth.com/availability.shtml

 You can find Udderly Smooth at: