Stash Control

Once again, my fabric stash has grown out of control like weeds in an unkept garden! How could this happen? I love gardening and I love my fabric collection, just like I love quilting, embroidery and sewing. I know I have too many projects going on, have been having fun at sew-cials with friends, attending workshops, etc..
Was it the recent week long shopping experience with friends, during the San Diego Quilt Run, that did me in?


I’m going to try a new theory, that I’m going to call the “Fabric Diet”. Like counting calories, I’m going to count my yards of fabric. Well, count the yards of fabric going in vs out of my sewing room. For each completed project I know my stash gets reduced, so I simply need to monitor my fabric and focus on more yards going out than in. Sounds like a good diet to me. But can I stick to it?

This week I only need to buy 1 yard of fabric, to finish my Bella Bella Quilt. And I haven’t been able to finish any project this week. So I must confess my stash will grow by one yard of fabric!

Starting stash = {nightmare on Fabric Street that needs to be measured as a starting point}

Fabric in = 1 yard

Fabric out = in my dreams

Ending stash = Nightmare + 1 yard

Oh my. I really need to work on my Fabric Diet this next week! Wish me luck. I’ll report back soon on how my new diet works out! I’m just not sure I’m up to confessing my starting point (I hate to admit how much I weigh, as well as how much fabric I have in my stash).


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  1. I started my “fabric diet” this year too. And so far I’ve used quite a few fabrics in several projects. I did give in and treat myself to some fat quarters last month. I’m going to keep working at using up my many resources (aka stash).


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