Quilting Wishes

I love many forms of quilting, but scrap quilting is definitely one of my favorite. I don’t view that I am good with color, but I do enjoy seeing how various scraps come together. I also enjoy hearing the stories of what was thought by the quilter, when they were making a particular quilt, especially when the quilt is to be given away to someone. As such, I thought I’d share one of my currently quilting and machine embroidery projects with you.

This particular quilt uses the Bento Box design,by Tracey Brookshier, I find extremely easy and fun to make. Tracey’s instructions are also well written and easy to understand, making this design perfect for a quilter of any level. Most Bento Box quilts have coordinated fabrics, but I also love this pattern for scrap quilting. I also took a different twist in the design, by using a large block to machine embroider (ME) on.

I decided to ME on this particular quilt as I wanted to add words of encouragement, words of healing, and words to motivate. As this is a charity quilt that I’m making for Camp Reach For The Sky (CR4TS), I thought of the recipient who has fought a battle with cancer. I want this person to be able to wrap themself in this quilt to feel secure and comfy, and I want them to stay healthy forever! And every stitch on this quilt I think positively of this young person and their family, while I stitch in my best wishes.

I selected an embroidery design set(Kanji Design Pack) from
Emblibrary. EmbLibrary has many wonderful designs, but when I saw this Kanji set I felt it would be perfect for this quilt.

The border to this quilt will be a black fabric, but I’m still searching for the right fabric. With luck, I’ll find the appropriate fabric and be able to finish the borders on this quilt soon, as I want to be able to drop this quilt off at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard, in May, and hope for a volunteer longarmer to quilt it. The camps for these kids are in the summmertime, and I’m hopeful it will find a home with a young person this summer!


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  1. I disagree — I think you have a great eye for color! So glad I found your blog on someone else’s comments. As an art therapist who works in a hospital, I’m sure the recipient will love to have it.


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