Hawaiian Quilting

Hawaii holds a special place for me. It is where my husband proposed to me, and a year later where we married. While I had quilted for years, before we married, I had never made a Hawaiian quilt. I decided to tackle a “king size” Hawaiian Quilt for our bedroom. With my work schedule, it took me two years to finish this quilt! But I’ve made many Hawaiian Quilts since. A variety of styles and sizes (more king, queen, twin, lap and wallhanging sizes of various colors and designs). I still love Hawaiian Quilts and plan to make more.

In keeping with Hawaiian tradition, my first Hawaiian quilt was a breadfruit design. The thought is that if you start with the breadfruit quilt for your home, you will have a fruitful life, never hungering for wisdom or knowledge. They also say that this tradition is a spiritual journey, where by starting with the breadfruit quilt Hawaiian quilting will become part of your life. I must confess it did become part of my life.

As I’m currently in Hawaii, I thought I’d post a photo of one of my Hawaiian Quilts. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of this design, but believe it is one of the historical quilt designs that is part of the collection of quilt patterns available for free tracing in the public libraries.

Here are some wonderful companies that design and sell beautiful Hawiian quilt designs that you can buy in pattern, book, or kit form.

Hawaiian Quilting http://hawaiianquilting.net/

Pacific Rim Quilt Company http://www.prqc.com/

Poakalani Hawiian Quilt Designs http://shoppoakalani.com/

Quilt Hawaiian http://www.quilthawaiian.com/

Also, while this is late notice, Nalani Goard is teaching an Hawaiian Quilting class at the Mission Houses Museum in Honolulu, starting this coming Saturday. This class is only $6 with a purchase of a starter kit (what a deal to learn Hawaiian Quilting from a professional). I’m sure every that is able to attend this class will have a wonderful time!



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  1. Your Hawaiian quilts are lovely & very time consuming to make. I don’t do much hand sewing anymore so I doubt I will ever tackle one, I will just have to enjoy others, like yours!


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