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I am absolutely convinced that Snapware products are one of the best products on the market, at a reasonable price. I also believe Snapware products are not only a great buy and that Snapware products can help everyone become better organized. I know they have helped me become better organized.

Snapware has a variety of wonderful products that will help you be better organized in the kitchen, bathroom, garage,craft room ….well, better organized everywhere. But where I’m so excited is how they help the quilter, embroiderer, and sewing enthusiasts. I have truly fallen in love with how these products can help us organize around the home, our sewing rooms, plus how easy they make it when we participate in a retreat, workshop, or sew-cial.

As there are actually so many variations of how you can use these products daily, I’ve decided to provide a broad overview with you today. I promise to provide more insights on how you can use these products for quilting, embroidery or sewing in the near future.

The Snapware Company designed these wonderful Craft Products with adjustable divider systems for such activities as scrapbooking, papercrafts, beading, jewelry making, sewing, needlecrafts, painting, drawing and general arts & crafts. But remember I also recommend these containers for the quilter, embroiderer and for the sewing enthusiast too.

The “snap” design, with adjustable diver systems, really help you layer your carrier for what you need. To clarify, while a particular Snapware carrier may be a 2,3,or 4 container design, you can buy more of the same design and snap together to meet your need for storing at home or carrying your items to an event outside of the home. What is so cool, is that you don’t need to spend so much time packing & unpacking when you do take your project & supplies with you. I also love that you can snap more, or less containers, of the same style, together, to create a stackable carrier to meet your specific needs. For example, I’ve frequently found that a 4, 5, or 6 module container works well when I’m taking a large project to a retreat or workshop.

I hope you’ll check back for more of my insights on how these products can make a difference in how you organizing your sewing room at home, as well as how you might carry your projects and supplies to retreats, workshops and sew-cials. But even more so, I hope you rush out to the store this week to buy some Snapware products. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them, as I have.

You can see all the Snapware products at their website:
Many of the craft products that I like are also available at Target, WalMart, and JoAnns.


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  1. I love ALL things organizational 🙂 I’ll have to check this line of products out the next time we go to the U.S. Thanks for stopping by to see my quilt in the virtual quilt festival. I haven’t been online much lately, and am STILL working my way through all the quilts! The one you shared for the festival is so pretty! I really enjoy handwork more than doing stuff on the machine BUT I also like the speed of the machine and since I have so many more ideas than I’ll ever have time to make, I usually use the machine 🙂 But I did piece a king size quilt by hand the year we were in Uganda. It was a gift for my son. Started out twin-size but got carried away. LOLGetting to know other quilts has been a big plus of the quilt show, too. The internet is a wonderful thing!


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