There are many websites designed specifically for those that are interested in quilting, but for many there are so many sites that the internet can be overwhelming. Thus, I want to share my insight with you on a particular site that can serve as a very useful tool. Useful for many of us interested in quilting: general quilter, quilt blogger, quilt shop owner, and those dependant on web sales for their quilt business.

The Quilterblogs is a wonderful website that helps us get connected to bloggers who like to quilt, as well as where quilters may want to shop. And, it is free. Yes, free to use and free to promote your business! Owners of quilt related websites simply need to submit a request to be linked to this site. Quiltersblogs.com has search functionality that searches over 400+ blogs daily to create a summary of several blogs, with an easy to use link to get to these blogs for more insights. Likewise, it has a easy to use index of over 250 quilt stores that you can search to see if they have a specific item, or you can search for a particular quilt store in a specific location.

I highly recommend that you check this site out. I have been having fun reading Quilterblogs on a daily basis. And it is now the first place I check to find a quilt store in a particular area.

I’ve also had fun learning so many wonderful things out about Quilterblogs that I’m planning on writing more about them in the near future. I hope you’ll check back to learn more about why I think they are so wonderful.