Contest & Bargain Week

I’m postponing some articles I had planned for this week, as I’ve decided to spend this coming week focusing on ways to have fun in these economic times. There are some great contests and super duper bargains out there. I’ve been researching how to make the dollar go further, for those that love to machine embroider, sew and/or quilt. While I’m not an expert at this, I’m planning on sharing my findings this week.

Ultimately, I’m thinking it would be great if there was an economic stimulus package that focused on those that were interested in machine embroidering, sewing and/or quilting? I, for one, certainly think we could get the economy stimulated quickly. Yes, we need more economic stimulus as we don’t want to find out that any more businesess that support our addiction close their doors. And we need to spend more money in these businesses,to ensure they remain in business, but we also need to find creative ways to stretch our budgets to do so. So, check back for more info on this topic.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me.