Honoring Veterans

I wish I could find special words to tell how much I appreciate what Veterans have given us. Today is Memorial Day in the US, but from my perspective, Memorial Day isn’t just an American holiday, it is a day that has a special place of recognition in many parts of the world.

Today I listened on the radio to children in Belgium singing American songs, in recognition to American Soldiers that fought on their soil in World War I and World War II. I’ve heard stories from many people, throughout the world, that feel their lives were changed by soldiers, from the U.S. as well as soldiers from other parts of the world, that fought on their soil, to help provide freedom.

When I travel internationally, I meet people who again make me realize that Memorial Day isn’t an American holiday. Memorial Day is a day for those that believe in democracy to recognize those that have fought, and lost their lives, to provide us that freedom.

Again, I know I’m not a professional writer, or someone that has the gift of writing beautiful words that depict what is in their heart. I’m greatful. I’m appreciative. I know how lucky I am to have what I have, to live with out fear, to live where I have opportunities, to live where I have the right to complain and to vote. And to live in a world, where with other countries that hold similar values, our soldiers sacrifice to help provide freedom and safety throughout the world.

When I was a very young woman, I had the good fortune of traveling on my first international trip, with my mother. One of our stops was in Korea. This was in the early 1970’s and, like many countries, Korea was economically challenged due to years of conflict. One encounter on this trip is something I hope I’ll never forget. Our tour guide took us through a local market, where a young man, whom was my age, asked to take my hand. I was shy and hesitant. The tour guide explained to me that this young man, who was selling fish out of a wicker basket, simply wanted to wish me (a young college student) good luck in life and all the best that life could offer. Yes, I’ve never wanted to forget that this young Korean wanted to wish me such happiness. But, it was a matter that he was still so appreciative, as his family was still dealing with post-Korean War issues. And he was very appreciative to the Americans, and others, that had fought in the Korean War.

So, I will always enjoy making patriotic quilts. Every stitch finds a special place in my heart, and I appreciate how lucky I am. Unfortunately, I haven’t been good about taking photographs of these quilts to share with you. Still, I want to share a photo of the “back” of a patriotic quilt that I made for a charity quilt fundraiser.

I hope you have a happy Memorial Day. I hope you feel safe and you and your loved ones are in fact safe. Should you have someone in your family that has served to protect us, I hope you will give them a big hug from me. And, should you have someone in your family who is currently serving in the Military, please know that they are in my prayers for a safe assignment and that they will soon return home.


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