GrandSlam Designs

GrandSlam Designs has a large number of machine embroidery designs, all currently available at a special price of $5 per design.

As I’ve been looking for various sewing related machine embroidery designs, I was able to evaluate their “spool of thread” design. It is a cute design that would work well in many sewing related themed projects. While I had a good experience stitching out this design, I found it to not be a design that would work well for just any application.

For this particular design, I tested it on various materials and stablizers. I was able to optimize the quality of the design when I used a smooth fabric. This design is cute, but I think it would stitch out better if it had a higher thread count for underlying stitch count, as well as a stronger outline stitch. To clarify, some of the outline stitching was a single thread, whereas parts of the outline stitching was a double stitch. Either way, the loose thread, off the spool, does not stand out if the design is stitched out on anything but a smooth fabric (e.g. avoid terry dish towels). The shading on the spool of thread is also something that I think could be more artistic, as all shade stitches are on the same angle (none are angled for to reflect the spool of thread).

To clarify, Grand Slam Design sales this cute spool of thread design on their website. I added the verbage “If she sews, she knows”.

GrandSlam Designs offers many cute machine embroidery designs, of which I’m sure they’d stitch out quite well. But for the particular “spool of thread” design that I evaluated, I found this particular design to be very cute.  Definitely an appropriate design for anyone that enjoys quilting, sewing, or embroidery.  Also a good design to make gifts with.  But I would recommend, for those stitching out this particular design to re-stitch the final thread that flows out above the spool as the design has it so lightly stitched it does not show up on prints, or as distinctly on solids as you may wish.  Thus, consider a test stitch out if you want to apply it to a costly material.