Preparing for a workshop – what to take?

What is the item that we most frequently forget to bring when we go to a class, workshop, retreat or sew-cial? I’m probably the most forgetful sewer that I know. Tomorrow I’m taking a class and I have my car packed with what feels like everything in my sewing room. Still, I worry about what I may have forgotten to pack. It is only a 1 day class and it is inside of a quilt store (where I could buy just about anything in I could think of).

As the rooms are frequently air conditioned, I decided to pack a light jacket. I thought you might like to see it, as I did make it. Would you believe this was a cheap sweatshirt? I get more compliments when I wear this sweatshirt.

I’m planning on writing an article about the instructor who teaches classes in how to make these jackets, along with sharing more insight on how to make your own (if you can’t take a class). In the meantime, if you are wondering what to take to your next class, workshop, or retreat….remember to pack a lightweight jacket! And if you have a tailored sweatshirt jacket, you’ll be very comfy too!


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