Greeting Cards

I love sending and receiving greeting cards. And, while I love handmade things, I don’t have the talent (or time) to make a handmade greeting card. But I’ve come up with something that I enjoy, and I find others enjoy too. And, a collection of these cards make a wonderful gift!

I like to take photos of some of my projects, and especially photos of beautiful quilts, and turn them into greeting cards. Where I live I can take in my camera’s photo memory card, USB stick, or a a CD, with my photos to printing kiosks that are located in many Wal-Marts, Longs, Walgreens, Costco, or other stores. And, I also enjoy using on-line printing services, such as I’ve found all these service providers do a great job and will help you create a special greeting card that will delight the recipient!

Here are a few samples of my favorite greeting cards with beautiful quilts on the cover.

If you haven’t tried making your own greeting card before, I hope you’ll take a photo of one of your projects and make a greeting card. And, if you don’t have anyone to send a card to….remember I love receiving greeting cards!


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  1. To clarify, these are quilts that friends had made and shared a photo with me to make a greeting card. Unfortunately, there was a photo of a quilt that was not approved by the designer for this article….but may lead me to another contact, of whom I’d love to write an article about, if they wish to contact me directly. In the meantime I did remove two photos previously posted and send my sincere apologies to the designer of the quilt in question.Again, this article was meant to promote creating your own cards to share with family & friends (I’m not promoting selling them either, as you’ll certainly not make money off of making greeting cards).


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