Kennel Comforters

Kennel Comforters is a project that was started by a wonderful lady with a fantastic vision, Joan Laisney. She realized that pets living in animal shelters would have a better chance of getting adopted if they had a good night sleep on a cozy bed. Makes perfect sense to me. And when I see a dog or cat in a shelter that doesn’t have a cozy bed vs one that does, I see in their eyes and in their disposition how much happier the ones are that get to sleep on a cozy bed. These beds also give them an area of comfort, in what can be a stressful place, even when they are not sleeping.

Joan gets help from various volunteers who help to sew pet beds, donate fabric or batting (material to stuff beds), thread and various other supplies. And non-sewers even come to help cut fabric or stuff pet beds! She hosts various sew-cials to make pet beds, but also appreciates when volunteers coordinate a sew-cial on their own to make pet beds. Clubs, such as Girl Scouts and various quilting guilds, have also been very helpful in making pet beds for Kennel Comforters to distribute.

To date, 2,200+ pet beds have been donated in San Diego County. Some pets bond with their beds, while living in the shelter, and when they are adopted they go home with “their” pet bed. While this is a lot of pet beds, sadly, more animals need comfy beds and more volunteers are needed to help!

This volunteer project is something that would work in any city. Joan has great insight on how to make such a project successful in your city and has posted insights on her site (

On Saturday, June 13th there is a sew-cial scheduled at the San Diego County Animal Shelter on Gaines Street (5500 Gaines Street) from 10am to 4pm. Volunteers are needed to help make pet beds. If you can come help, please bring your sewing machine, scissors, and thread. Joan will have the major supplies to make beds. And if you don’t sew, come help to stuff pet beds. I’m going to be there sewing! And more volunteers are needed at the June 26th & 27th sew-cial in Carlsbad, at the North County Animal shelter.

If you want more information about Kennel Comforters, future Kennel Comforters sew-cials,ways you can help, or how you can start a Kennel Comforters in your hometown, check out Joan’s site:

Kennel Comforters could also use some donations of the following items to help make more pet beds:
– batting/stuffing
– fleece, flannel, heavy fabrics
– scissors, rotary cutters & cutting mats
– sergers & sewing machines