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I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the owners and staff of Material Possessions in Lake Forest, Ca. I have just learned that they have closed their doors. While I do not know exactly when this sad situation happened, or exactly why, my heart goes out to Material Possessions. You will be missed by many and I am truly sad to learn that Material Possessions has closed their doors.

I tried to contact Material Possessions, to be able to report back facts vs rumors. Unfortunately, it does appear that their phone is now disconnected and their website appears to be closing down.

Material Possessions was an exceptional quilt store that was very popular in Southern California. They had a large selection of fabrics, had a great patterns & book collection, offered a large variety of classes, and a very friendly staff. I fear that Sew-Economics have taken away another dear friend. While everyone knows our WW economic situation is not good, I’ve been hopeful that our quilting, embroidery, and sewing community could try hard to reach into our pockets and continue to buy things at our local stores, to help keep them in business.

My recommendation, is in lieu of flowers, go out and make a purchase at your local quilting, embroidery, sewing, fabric store. These difficult times require action on our part to help keep the doors to our favorite stores in business. While I hope that Material Possessions will re-open their doors someday, I also hope that no more of these wonderful stores close their doors in the future.

I hope our sew-economics can endure the WW economic situation, and we do not lose any more of the stores we need to support our interest in quilting, embroidery and/or sewing.

Sadly, no more birthday celebrations at Material Possessions!

Note: These photos were taken the last time I visited Material Possessions, with their approval. I will forever remember Material Possessions and am happy I have a few photos for sharing memories with you. But if anyone has a more factual update on Material Possessions, I’d appreciate if you would send me an email.


4 thoughts on “Material Possessions”

  1. Bummer about a quilt shop closing, and I really like their towering tree pattern. I know I drop what I can at each shop I visit.


  2. It is always, always sad when a quilt shop closes its doors.We lost one here about 7 or 8 years ago, that belonged to a friend of mine. Very sad. I know she’ll always have regrets about it.Thankfully, we have a quilt shop in this town again that is big enough that it attracts a lot of people and does a good business.


  3. It has been a while since I was in Calif and visited MP but it was one of the best quilting stores that I’ve been in. Someone in the store had made a beautiful rag quilt that I took pictures of and now would like the pattern. I guess I’ll never get it. So sad for a store this nice to close.


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