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My perspective on “Sew-economics” is that we have world wide economic challenges, which includes economic challenges within areas we enjoy: quilting, embroidery, and sewing. Many of us may find we no longer have the funds to buy supplies or market our products, as well as many stores that we may buy are products from are also suffering from this economic slump. I can’t say I have the answers for how these problems are going to be resolved, but I have found something that I want to share and believe it can help many businesses, as well as those thinking of pursuing home based business and selling products over the internet.

I believe that not only in good times, but in bad, having good communication tools for stores to stay in touch with customers, attract new customers and sell their products, are all requirements for a business to stay in business. So, while today’s insight may focus on the business owner, it also provides insights tha may help some of us that may be considering selling our creations over the internet. And, I also being aware of this may just come in handy when you chat with your local quilt store owner, long armer, or related business {you may want to share this insight with them}.

Before I go further, I want to clarify that I have a background with a major computer manufacturer and have some experience with internet communications & sales. Thus, when I found a company that focuses on web related services for quilt stores, long arm quilters, quilt professionals, quilt guilds, and suppliers I was very excited. And, when I investigated further, I realized that I wanted to help spread the world about this company. Personally, I think they are wonderful and they also have a long-term customer base that shares my opinion.

Danemco provides many services including, but not limited to website development & support, newsletter system and many others. But one that I find to be perfect for many quilt stores and home based businesses, is Danemco’s E-commerce system that helps to increase sales and they call this software “Danemco Shop”. Danemco Shop is a slick software package that allows stores to easily sell products over the internet, as well as easily change the products offered via this method.

As mentioned, Danemco has a long list of happy customers. Some of those that you may recognize include:
Flynn Quilt http://www.flynnquilt.com/
Quilt Artist Studio http://www.quiltartistrystudio.com/
Quilter Blogs http://quilterblogs.com/
Superior Threads http://www.superiorthreads.com/

And more examples of customers that they have developed sites for, you can click on this link: http://www.websitesforquilters.com/gallery/2/
Danemco is also hosting several FREE webinars to their newsletter subscribers. I highly recommend you join their free newsletter distribution list, as it really has some great insights to business owners and those considering selling products over the internet. Near term webinars are scheduled June 26th, July 14th , Aug 14th, Sept 23rd and will hopefully continue monthly on a long-term basis.

For more information on Danemco
Danemco, LLC
3002 W. Pancheri
Suite A
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Toll Free: 800.941.0645
International: (USA) 208.528.0561



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