Layer’em up

“Layer’em up” is a new book written by Sharyn Craig and published by Cozy Quilt Designs. I haven’t seen a copy (would love to), but it looks so interesting I couldn’t resist sharing this insight with you.

Thanks to Sharyn Craig and Daniela Stout for releasing a video on You Tube. If you are not familiar with Daniela Stout, she is the owner and creative mind of Cozy Quilt Shop & Designs. This video is excellent that shows interesting insights on the designs featured in this new book (which I’m hoping to get a copy of soon).

If you want to purchase a copy of this book, you should be able to pick up a copy of it at Cozy Quilt Shop. And, hopefully soon, you’ll find it in your local quilt store. You can also order a copy directly from Sharyn Craig or from Cozy Quilt Shop on-line.

Click here
if you are interested in info on how to order from Sharyn Craig.

Click here if you are interested in info on how to order over the internet from Cozy Quilt Shop. Cozy Quilt Shop also has a special in June for free shipping in the US & Canada and 50% off shipping Internationally. You may want to take advantage of this and buy many more wonderful patterns, fabrics & other items from Cozy’s on-line store.

I am hoping to get a copy and make a quilt using the Layer’em up designs. When I do, I’ll definitely share my insights and photos.


One thought on “Layer’em up”

  1. Nothing new here. This was on Simply Quilts years ago (2005?). Anita Solomon did a great demo showing multiple ways to make this block with her Make It Simpler techniques. My bee made numerous quilts using her methods. (Just looked it up – it was episode #1129).Still, I think Sharyn’s “Setting Solutions” is one of the BEST quilting books out there, and it’s the one I recommend most to friends – newbies and experienced.I’d expect something more original from Sharyn for $23.-Lanie


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