Patriotic Cats and Patriotic Quilts

Most people think of a cat as an animal that sleeps all day, or maybe hunts birds. But my perspective of a cat is that thye are an expert fabric selector and sewing supervisor. I know cats have special talents with finding the right fabric, with the right softness, with the right color and and the right design for any project. I believe they were quilters in a prior life. I know this as my cats always found my best quilt to sleep on, and they enjoyed playing under a quilt as I attempted to baste it. And while they sometimes enjoyed cuddling on my lap when I sewed, they were always in my sewing room with me.

It always amazes me how a cat can watch tv for hours, even when there is a political speech going on. And they can stare at a flag waving in the breeze for “hours” too! Thus, I’ve concluded cats are very Patriotic. So, today I’m focusing on sharing insights about Patriotic cats and Patriotic cat quilts.

I did some research on the web, to prove my theory, and found some great photos on I always get a lot of great ideas searching photos posted in flickr (and evidence to support my theories).

I saw this beautiful Patriotic cat quilt that was made by Renata. Isn’t it cute? Definitely provides evidence that cats are Patriotic.

You can see more of Renata’s delightful photos posted on flickr by clicking on: Renata is very talented and I enjoy looking at her photos she has posted on the web.

Then I found some delightful photos of Patriotic cats taken by Delina (Pixel Packing Mama). She has two cats, Montana (full name is “His Royal Highness, Montana de Montecore”) and Cerulean, both boys. Personally, I think Montana and Cerulean should run for public office. They’d definitely get my vote.

I’m hoping to someday right another article about these cats. Montana earned his name by jumping thru embroidery hoops. I think this talent warrants another story!

Pixel Packing Mama is an outstanding photographer and has many wonderful photos posted on flickr. You can see her exceptional photos by clicking here:


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