Wendy Mathews

I really miss a delightful quilting and sewing store in Vista, CA called “Sew Special”. It had cute fabrics, great patterns, a large offering of classes, and a very friendly staff. They were also famous for their heirloom sewing. It was owned by Wendy Mathews who decided to close the doors in 2007, and move on to a stage of life where she and her husband could enjoy retirement, and more time with their family.

While Wendy sold most of her store goods when she closed Sew Special, she does have some fabric, a few patterns, ribbons and misc items left (and all for sale at great prices). She also has several quilt for sale. She is preparing to move from California to Southern Carolina, this coming fall, to be near her children and grandbaby. As such, she is trying to sell the last of her fabric and some quilts.

The fabic is only $3/yard and in pre-cut package sizes. I found it to be such a deal that I couldn’t resist, and bought a few packages (also great for backings).

If you are interested in buying any of Wendy’ quilts or fabric she is selling, please feel free to contact her directly:

Wendy Mathews
email: wendyjmathews@yahoo.com
(760) 518-4068

While I am truly sorry that the Southern California quilting and sewing scene is going to loose Wendy Mathews, I am happy for her to be able to enjoy retirement with her husband, children and grandbaby. South Carolina is certainly going to gain a wonderful quilter and sewer!


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