I Have A Notion

Kelly Jackson is a delightful lady, with a great sense of humor. She has been quilting since high school, when she took a sewing class and made a patchwork pillow as her first project (red, white, and strawberry print). She also loves scrapbook paper, scrapbooking, punchneedle embroidery and other hand embroidery.

Kelly is also an excellent shopper and likes to get her monies worth when she buys something. I believe her shopping talent is one of the reasons she is also so successful with her business “I Have A Notion”.

“I Have A Notion” is a fantastic on-line store that is perfect for those interested in quilting, needlework and/or sewing. As Kelly is such a good shopper, plus attends Quilt Market, she has some fantastic prices and great selection on just about anything you might need (or didn’t realize you needed), including:

• Hangers/holders for quilts
• Books & DVDs
• Machine Embroidery supplies & designs
• Notions
• Vacuums and attachment kits
• patterns

There are also some very cute free patterns available from this site. And, while the prices are always great, there is a fantastic sale currently going on!

Kelly also blog where she shares many interesting insights that I enjoy reading, and always learn something new. And, she has had a few give-aways on her blogsite. I was actually the lucky winner of some beautiful Isacord thread. {Thank you Kelly}.

I hope you’ll pop by the “I Have A Notion” on-line store to check out Kelly’s broad selection of great products. Again her great shopping skills enable her to provide all of us with some great deals.

Personally, I can’t wait to get one of these vacuum attachment sets from I Have A Notion, to help clean my sewing machines.

I also hope you’ll stop by her fun blogsite. I enjoy reading it on a daily basis.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so sorry to hear that Cindy is not with you. I’m already surprised at Lula’s progress, she spent a year at the shelter and I’m sure she didn’t come out of her hiding spot much. I can’t imagine why a family would have her since she was a kitten and then get rid of her. Lula comes when I call her name and loves to be scratched. So far the living and dining room are safe for her, she’s not too sure about the upstairs yet. Soon I’m sure she’ll be all over the house.I love the picture of her snuggled in my quilt.Wendy


  2. as always, thanks for the great links. I checked them out. I like her blog, and am tempted to buy a “zip bind” thing-a-ma-jig from her site.


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