How large is your list of quilting ideas?

I enjoy getting ideas for my projects from books, magazines, patterns, quilt shows and my quilting friends. But, I must admit when I won a beautiful quilt, at a fundraiser, the design also looked like it would be fun and easy, so I added it to my list of ideas for future projects, to make some day.

This particular quilt I won, a few years back, at Seaside Quilter’s fall fundraiser. There are always many wonderful prizes at this fundraiser and I usually win something. You can buy a packet of tickets that all have the same number, and you place one of your tickets into each bag that is unique to prizes you are interested in. So, your chances of winning something you really want are increased as there is a raffle drawing for each prize. I enjoy the raffle, plus I always pick up a few ideas at this fun event.

While I really liked this quilt, I donated it to a fundraiser to raise funds for Susan G. Komen For the Cure. The recipient was a young lady, who didn’t quilt, nor did she own any quilts. She was so excited and appreciative, that while I too liked this quilt, I was happy to know the recipient enjoyed it and it helped to raise money for a good cause.

Now when I go thru my list of quilting ideas, this photo always reminds me that I want to make a quilt like this. To me it is a very cheerful quilt, a comforting quilt, and also a perfect quilt for a gift. So I continue to keep it on my list of quilting ideas to make someday, hopefully someday soon.


5 thoughts on “How large is your list of quilting ideas?”

  1. Hmmm…the list for future projects grows!! I too have a list or I should say books and magazines with little post it notes popping out! Or, pics on my bulletin board to motivate me to get started. But pondering new projects is great fun and a part of the process I really love!


  2. I have a list in my head of quilt designs I want to try. Most of them are classics like double wedding ring, dresden plate, feathered stars, etc. I know I will get to them one day. Love your quilt with the curved piecing in a kind of trip around the world setting. Very pretty!


  3. I can see why you would add this design to your list for future projects! It’s great. It looks like a combination of “trip around the world” and “drunkards path” rolled into one…I’d call it a “drunken trip around the world” if the fabrics used were more whimsical! But this version looks very sophisticated with the white.I have a bunch I’m lining up to quilt, and a bunch lined up to make. Probably too many projects considering the limit on my time (and energy!)


  4. My list is pages long…I really need to go over it and mark things off that I’ve finished or changed my mind about…I love having the list, though!


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