Southern California Quilt Run

I could title this posting in so many other ways (e.g. Why I’m not working on my UFOs, Where I get my inspiration, Things I do during the day that my husband doesn’t know I do…..). But what ever I call it, I had fun today and want to share insights with you.

While I have dreams of someday completing the entire Southern California Quilt Run, I was happy to find time to participate in the run, even if I didn’t have as much time as I had hoped. But for the time I was able to participate, I enjoyed visiting the shops, checking out new fabrics, seeing quilts on display, looking for designs, and enjoying the So. California sunshine.

While I saw some beautiful quilts and fabrics, I must confess the highlight was meeting the first grandchild, Tabitha (four legged), of Eleanor Burns (Quilt In A Day). She is a charming young lady, who really enjoys having her belly scratched!

There were many beautiful quilts on display at Quilt In A Day.

And a large selection of very nice fabrics.

There was also a large selection of fabrics on sale, which was difficult to pass up.

The Southern California Quilt Run continues thru this coming Sunday. So, there is still time foryou to get out and enjoy this quilt run. And if you live too far away, I hope you’ll make plans to come visit So. California next year and join this run. Great fun…..and if you can visit So. California during a quilt run, remember there are many delightful quilt shops here to visit when you can come. And, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these shops, and definitely make sure you visit Quilt In A Day!


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