Quilted in Clay

Jennifer Patterson is the owner/designer of Quilted in Clay, a creative jewelry/art store that offers many beautiful pieces of art jewelry fashioned usinged delightful quilt designs.

Personally, I love Quilted in Clay jewelry. It is creative, colorful and brings as much enjoyment as a soft, comfy quilt. I love wearing Quilted in Clay jewelery as it goes with all my outfits, plus it provides me inspiration.

I’ve always enjoyed Quilted in Clay earrings, pins and bracelets, but I now have my eye set on one of their beautiful necklaces. Wouldn’t this look lovely to wear when going to a quild meeting, quilt show, quilt sew-cial, retreat, or even going out to dinner with family & friends?


And besides jewelry, they have many beautiful items…even an enchanted Santa.

And for those that like to create their own items, they also sell cute little tools and offer tutorials.

Oh, it is such a challenge to decide which is my favorite piece from Quilted in Clay.

You can find Quilted in Clay jewelry at many quilt shows, as well as see their designs on their website: http://www.quiltedinclay.com/products/index.htm

Don’t you just love Quilted in Clay jewelry too? I know I do, like a kid in a candy store!


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  1. I like that necklace too. I have several fimo jewelry pieces that are my favorites.Thanks for all of your comments on my blog. If you go to Edit Profile and put a check mark in front of Show My Email, people can email you back when you leave comments.


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