International Quilt Show Long Beach

The International Quilt Festival Long Beach 2009 has turned out to be another outstanding quilt show. One of the best world class quilt shows. This show is held by Quilt, Inc. which is the parent company of three consumer shows – International Quilt Festival Houston (since 1974), International Quilt Festival/Chicago (since 2003), International Quilt Festival/Long Beach (since 2008) and two trade shows – International Quilt Market (fall since 1979;spring since 1981).

The 2009 International Quilt Festival/Long Beach show was well orchestrated, with every detail running smoothly. I saw many smiles and heard positive feedback from visitors when I asked for feedback on the 2009 vs 2008 show. Clearly, everyone was delighted with the show this year. I know I was. There were short lines for show tickets, with lines that moved quickly, as more windows were opened to purchase entrance tickets. There was plenty of tasty food, in a variety of locations around the show. And, like all of the shows by Quilts, Inc., the quilts were beautiful and professionally displayed, with wide aisles, allowing plenty of viewing room. There were many special exhibits, a delightful fashion show, and a large variety of vendors. All of these were delightful, but the exhibit by SAGA would be worth the cost of admission if that was all I could have seen. This show was definitely worth the cost of admission!

Quilts on display were certainly inspiring! While I’ll be sharing more insights on this show in subsequent articles, I wanted to share some highlights with you today.

My first impression with this show was how many talented quilters, artists, teachers, designers, writers and merchants had come together under one roof. And all were approachable and friendly. I also heard many insights being shared among quilters, along with encouragement. Again, there were so many talented people gathered here, and some of those that caught my attention were:

Phyllis Binkley(Landscape Art Quilts), Pokey Bolton (Cloth Paper Scissors, Marie Bostnick (author), Emeline Briggs (Ethnic Quilts & Fabric), Patti Brown, Eleanor Burns (Quilt In A Day), Debbie Caffrey, LisaCoulombe (Quilts 2 Wear), Jane Cook, Sharon Craig , Karen Cunigan,Carol Doak, Sharon of Dragon Lady Quilts, Kathy Ferarro, Jamie Fingal, (SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates), John Flynn,Anthony Giampa (Vermillion Stitchery), Stewart Gill, Monica Gonzales (Monicas Quilts & Beads) , Roberta Horton, Al & Barbara Hutchins (Quilt Artistry Studios), Carol Ireland, Ruth Jones (Quilt Artist, Traveling Quilters), Judy Levy, Patrick Lose, Luella (Luellas Quilt Shop),Kay Mackenzie (Quilt Puppy Designs),Peggy Martin, Kaye Mackenzie (Quilt Puppy Publications), Marti Mitchell, Gillian Moss, Pearl Pereira (P-3 Designs), Nancy O’Bryant Puentes (Executive VP, Quilts, Inc., Mary Lou Rankin (Park Bench Pattern Co.), Marge Renner, Virginia Robertson (teacher), Bob Ruggiero (Director Publications & Public Information Quilts, Inc., Connie Rohman, (SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates)Susan Schrempf, Sharon Schamber, Janice Smith (Inspirations Quilt Shop), Daniella Stout (Cozy Quilt Shop), Mary Tabar, and Urban Zundt (Zundt Group, Zund Designs

Make It University is a popular feature of shows offered by Quilt Inc. Pokey Bolton, editor of Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts magazines, coordinates these a variety of “new creative arts” activities that crossover art forms such as scrapbooking, rubber stamping, accent painting, mixed media, paper crafts, embellishments, bookmarking, Artist Trading Cards (ATC), fabric postcards and more). All participants of these sessions had great fun and learned delightful insights.

Quilt Angels floated around the exhibit quilts, with their “white gloves” to guard and protect the beautiful quilts on display. They were polite & helpful. Many times I found myself admiring a quilt, to find myself blessed with a Quilt Angel that came by to call my attention to special quilting details only visible on the backside of the quilt, or to show me some special secret perspective on the front. These volunteers were the best ever Quilt Angels, that I’ve ever seen at any quilt show. Helpful, protective and wanting to ensure every visitor had a delightful time! Bless you Quilting Angels for volunteering at this show. You helped to make this a wonderful show!

There was a broad selection of workshops offered at this show. All of the classrooms offered plenty of room, but were limited to an appropriate number of participants. They also had good lighting and room for students to view the instructor’s information. Plus, every participant had use of a new high quality machine, eliminating the need for them to bring their machines to this event.
All of these workshops are wonderful and everyone should learn something new from any workshop that they attend. But I want to call attention to a class that I heard about from re-peat participants. There is a “Saturday Night Sampler class” where students are exposed to techniques from sixteen (16) teachers at separate tables around the room, enabling continuous demonstrations of various techniques. And, every student receives a booklet of one-page handouts from each teacher. From the participants I spoke with this was an amazing workshop and from my perspective an amazing value ($18).

New machines were also provided to the workshop participants from Janome America, Inc., Pfaff Sewing Macines, Bernina of America, VSM Sewing/Husqvarna Viking, BabyLock USA, and Elna, Inc.. This certainly provided a big help to those that didn’t want to bring their own machine to these delightful workshops.

{above} Botanicals annd Butterflies, by Linda Hibbert, Loveland, Colorado

{Above Eleanor Burns, Quilt In A Day

{above} Kaye Mackenzie (Quilt Puppy Publications)

{Above} Foxy Sisters, by Ann Horton, Redwood Valley, CA

{above}Sharon Craig . Sharon was giving demonstrations and sharing techniques found in her new book “Layer ‘em Up”. While I love all of Sharon’s books, I definitely recommend this book. It is fun and fast, plus you can create so many interesting designs with insights from this delightful and well written book.

{above} Patrick Lose. I also learned from Patrick, that he will be publishing a new magazine in 2010. I am very excited and can’t wait for Patrick’s magazine to be released. Oh, how I love his designs.

{above} Stewart Gill She has a nice selection of fabric paints, of which while I have never tried, I’ve heard many good things from others.

{Above} Shelley Swanland (Shelley’s Studio) . While Shelley designs and teaches many patterns, I love her approach to making Cathedral Windows.

{above} Sharon Wilhite (Dragon Lady Quilts) and crew

{above} Luella (Luellas Quilt Shop)

{above} Luella with Jacki & Ellen (Luellas Quilt Shop)

{above} Marie Bostnick (author of “A Thread of Truth”). While I’ve not had a chance to read this book, it certainly looks interesting. If I get a chance to read it I’ll definitely post a review to share.

{above} Mary Lou Rankin (Park Bench Pattern Co.)

{above} >)Susan Schrempf

{above} Monica Gonzales (Monicas Quilts & Beads)

{above} Daniella Stout & Andie (Cozy Quilt Shop)

{above} Pokey Bolton (Cloth Paper Scissors,

Great job Quilts Inc. The International Quilt Show/Long Beach was absolutely wonderful and this Southern California Gal is certainly appreciative that Quilts, Inc. has brought such a spectacular show to Southern California. Thank you.
The International Quilt Show/Houston during October 15-18th, will be our next world class quilt show. It will be held a the George Brown Convention Center in Houston. I hope to see you there.


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