Carol Ireland

Carol Ireland is a very talented woman, and an excellent teacher, with a vast range of expertise. She creates beautiful quilts and artistic clothing, as well as many other items. She loves arts and crafts of all kinds, like beading, hand embroidery, card making, as well as many others. Carol is always looking for new ideas and experiences, and loves to share these with her students. While she keeps busy with her arts & crafts, and her family, she also enjoys reading (primarily fiction) and tends to always have a book going.

Inspiration comes to Carol through many ways. She is always actively looking for new ideas, techniques and time saving tips. She finds her inspiration through various quilting and sewing magazines, attending workshops and conferences. She then enjoys incorporating these ideas into the classes she teaches. Thus, the majority of her students have been taking her classes for years! Carol also enjoys seeing her students go beyond the original idea presented!

Carol majored in Home Ec education in college and has been teaching ever since. Her mother taught her to sew when she was big enough to reach the knee petal on her mother’s sewing machine. She has quilted off and on, throughout her sewing years, but considers herself a serious quilter for the last 12 years.

Come join one of these fun classes and explore quilting techniques while creating quilts, home décor items and wearable art. This is a great class for beginners and experienced quilt makers. Classes meet weekly.

Foothills Adult Center,
1550 Melody Lane, El Cajon, CA
Time: 8:50-12:00 AM
Dates: Aug. 31 to Dec. 7
Instructor: Carol Ireland
Fee is $39 for the semester

La Mesa Adult Enrichment
8450 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA
Time: 8:25-11:35 AM

Dates: Sept. 4 – Dec. 11
Instructor: Carol Ireland
Fee is $23 for seniors

This great class lets your imagination fly. The project oriented class introduces to new techniques and methods to expand your sewing experience. Emphasis is on wearable art, quilting and sewing. Great group and LOTS OF FUN!

FRIDAY afternoons:
Foothills Adult Center,
1550 Melody Lane, El Cajon, CA
Time: 12:25 – 3:35
Dates: Sept…4 – Nov. 20
Fee is $46 for the semester

You can register and pay for these classes in the classroom. As mentioned, there are many students that have been taking these classes with Carol for years. It is a great group and new students are warmly welcome. Come have fun and learn new techniques and methods. This is a great value too!

Personally, I’ve learned a lot from Carol and have been eager for her Fall class to begin. I also enjoy the sharing time that her workshop offers, as it provides an opportunity for everyone to share what they’ve been working on, and I also find this an inspirational time.

Carol has taught more techniques than one would imagine to be offered in a quilting or sewing class. For example, she has great insights on fabric painting and fabric dying that she has shared with her students.

If you would like Carol to come to your guild, sewing or quilt shop, to teach a class, you can contact her directly, by send an email to:


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