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As it is that time of year to prepare for “Back to School”, I want to encourage everyone to consider taking classes and or workshops in their community. These may be offered by local quilt shops, fabric stores, sewing machine stores, and even through your local Adult Ed programs. In San Diego county, we are fortunate to have a an Adult Ed program that offers classes in sewing, quilting and embroidery.

Joan McKenna is one of our talented teachers that teaches various sewing, pattern making, embroidery and serger classes through the San Diego Community College District and Continuing Education program. With the current economic situation it is amazing that these classes are actually offered for free, and many are uncertain how long we’ll be able to take advantage of this, thus if you are local I highly recommend you sign up for one or more of these fun and creative classes.

We are extremely lucky to have Joan teach these classes. Her background includes over 10 years teaching Continuing Education Programs. Her qualifications include:

1. B.F.A. in Costume Design, Syracuse University;
2. California Designated Subject Vocational Education Teaching Credential, CUDS
3. Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate
4. M.S. in Post Secondary Educational Administration, National University

Joan also teaches Fashion Entrepreneurship classes empowering students with the sewing and computer related skills necessary in order to be successful in a sewn product business. An innovative fashion educator and industry expert, Joan provides creativity with practicality.

Here is some insight on her upcoming classes, for the September 8th – January 22nd schedule.

CLOTHING: OCCUPATION / TEXTILE: Emphasis: Industrial Machine Techniques
Learn to use the school’s industrial sewing machines ergonomically. Practice professional timesaving techniques while making up sewn products of your choice. Build up your repertoire of industry production skills. Both group and individualized instruction.
Course #7220H Fee $0
Mondays: 5:30pm – 9pm WCC-209

SEWING FUNDAMENTALS: Emphasis My First Commercial Pattern II
Choose and construct a sewn product from commercial patterns. Relate commercial pattern to your personal skill level. Receive the help you need to pick your pattern and sew prodct to completion. Gain practice experience in fitting. Build on the basics you learned n previous classes.
Course # 7112K Fee $0
Thursdays 5pm-9pm WCC-209

CLOTHING AND TEXTILES:Emphasis Full Size Hand Drafting Master Patterns
Hand draft a full size bodice, sleeve, and skirt. Master industry pattern making techniques. Cut and sew samples to chck and corect fit. Turn your first patterns into master patterns that can be used over and over again.
Course #6957C Fee $0
Wednesdays 5:30pm – 9pm WCC-209

Learn techniques in clothing/textile surface design for the production of embellished wearing apparel and household items. Create original designs.
Learn to download and unzip free embroidery designs from the internet. Catalog your designs in fabulous free organizing system. Master embroidery editing techniques using Embird software. Stitch out samples to check your growing Embird editing skills. Students need to supply their own embroidery machine and user manual. Limited number of embroidery machines available.
course #6954H fee: $0
Fridays 12-2pm WCC-203
” 2-4pm WCC-209

All of the above classes are offered through the Continuing Education Program in San Diego County ( And they are held at the West City Campus (WCC), 3249 Fordham Street, San Diego, CA 92110 619-388-1873. Registration happens in the classroom.

Contact info for Joan McKenna:
Phone: 619-388-4955

Joan also maintains an interesting blog, which is also used to share insights for her students:

Joan also has a great helper……


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  1. Interesting list of classes. I went to her blog (thanks for the link). The teaching she does and training she provides to people is very inspiring.


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