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Cloth Paper Scissors magazine is well known among mixed media artists, but I must confess it is a magazine I had not paid attention to, until recently. After meeting Pokey Bolton at the IQF Show in Long Beach, I read the July/August 2009, issue #25. I’m now wondering what is wrong with me for never having looked at this magazine before. It is truly a delightful magazine. I’ve concluded a subscription to this magazine is a “must have” for all quilt artists, mixed media artists, aspiring artists, and for those like me, non-artists, who simply like to find inspiration. Plus, a subscription to this magazine would make a delightful gift!

I’ve come to realize that Pokey Bolton is a very talented woman, and given the fact that she is the Editor-in-Chief of the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine I felt this magazine must be interesting. But, after reading this magazine, I can say that it truly exceeded any expectation I had for a magazine that focused on “artistic discovery” and “collage mixed media”. I now understand why so many quilters, designers and artists share with me that they find “their” inspiration thru the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.

Just reading this one issue gave me so many ideas for cards, wallhangings, gifts and it certainly inspires me to try more mixed media quilting projects. I’m hooked on “Cloth Paper Scissors”. I’ve signed up for a subscription and am now looking forward to receiving my bi-monthly issue. To clarify, I’m looking forward to receiving this magazine, as I find it offers more inspiration than any other magazine on the market. It is delightful and definitely inspirational, just like Pokey Bolton.

There are 11 fantastic articles packed into the July/August issue. All of the articles were high quality articles that I enjoyed reading. And I must confess, in many magazines I might be happy if there is 1-2 articles I enjoy reading. So, the fact that in Cloth Paper Scissors I enjoyed reading all, I definitely felt that this magazine is inspiring and well worth the subscription (or counter) price.

As we are approaching the end of summer, I thought I’d share insight on “one” of the articles in this issue, to give you a taste of this lovely magazine. The article “Life’s a Beach” is a fantastic article, which shares insights a reader challenge where readers were asked to celebrate summer by creating a pice of mixed-media art. There were 296 entries and this issue shows insight on a few of these entrees. They definitely show the spirt of summer and, like all of the articles, I found inspiration.

I have been amazed with the accomplishments of Pokey Bolton. And, I’m also amazed at the accomplishments of the Cloth Paper Scissors team. Their first issue debut in October 2004. And Cloth Paper Scissors magazine is now well known by many quilt artists & mixed media artists. But I think there are more basic quilters, like myself, that would also enjoy this magazine. As such, I want to encourage everyone to take time to check out this lovely inspirational magazine.

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  1. I’ll have to see if I can get a copy at Barnes and Noble. Particularly this beachy issue! I’m sure they will carry it. I never see this magazine at the smaller places where I buy magazines. Thanks for the info!


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