Desert Quilt Retreat

As participants at the Desert Quilt Retreat work on a “Mystery Quilt” project, I held off showing you photos of this fun retreat until all the August 2009 retreat sessions were completed.

This year’s theme was “Paris”. Several groups dressed in themed outfits and decorated their tables.

Ann Conn purchased cute fabric Eiffel towers and hosted sew-cials for our group (13) to make matching aprons and sewing machine mats. {Thank you Ann}.

There was sharing of past quilts.

Fabric kits were prepared by the quilt shops that organized this retreat, Monica’s Quilt & Beads and The Calico House. Participants selected their kit and began following the mystery quilt instructions. Clues were given out on well written instructions, one sheet at a time.

And then we began to cut and create. I brought my Olfa Cutter and large Olfa Mat, which worked really great.

Several games were held during the retreat, at various times. There was “S-Car-Go” themed electric car race around the eiffel tower. An interesting game with a toilet plunger and toilet paper (you had to carry the toilet paper on the stick and drop it into a box). And, as tradition as this retreat goes, a Marshmallow Fight!

And it was fun to see completed quilts from the staff, who thoroughly test the pattern before the retreat.

One of which showed a quilt that was made up without using high contrast fabrics. You could really see how the design was lost.

I really enjoyed seeing the “mystery” of our beautiful quilts unfold. It was delightful to see other’s progress on their quilt, using the same design, but different fabrics.

The finished quilt tops are so beautiful. I can hardly wait to see these tops quilted.

If you are interested in joining this fun at the Desert Quilt Retreat in 2010, please contact Monica’s Quilt & Beads and The Calico House.


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