Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is one of my favorite times of the year. This is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States and Canada, to recognize the contributions workers have made to strength and prosperity of our countries.

The first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. This holiday was originated by the Central Labor Union. Early holidays were celebrated with parades, picnics and sometimes there were fireworks. Today, Labor Day is celebrated in a variety of ways, but it is still supposed to be a day to recognize the advancements, freedoms and prosperity that the US and Canada experience.

I want to encourage everyone to think back on the laborers who worked in sweat shops sewing items to earn a living. Sadly, there are still sweat shops throughout the world today, but regulations have certainly improved working conditions in many places throughout the world. And hopefully more countries will follow in the future.

Yet, this weekend I sit and sew in very hot & sweaty conditions, in my own sewing room, working on flannel charity quilts…….loving every moment of this weekend! I was fortunate to be born in this period of time, where I have the luxury to enjoy sewing & creating for pleasure. This weekend simply brings me more time to enjoy doing what I love to do. I also like to use this weekend, to think of the advancements that have occurred, in my lifetime to help me spend time with my “Labor of Love”:great sewing & embroidery machines, delightful fabrics, rotary cutters, great rulers, fantastic designs, the internet, art quilts, and sew many more.

I realize how blessed I am. And Labor Day weekend is a special weekend for me to take time to appreciate how lucky I am.

Whatever you do this Labor Day weekend I hope you are enjoying life, and find time to “labor for love”. And, consider posting a a comment on what you are working on, or doing this weekend. I’d love to hear about your Labor Day weekend too!



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