Quilters’ Travel Companion

The Quilters’ Travel Companion is now on their 10th edition! The current Quilters’ Travel Companion 10th Edition 2008-1010 is the best issue ever!

Over the years many have relied on this book to find quilt shops while traveling, moving to new places, or simply wanting to be more aware of stores in other places and be able to shop remotely. Quilters’ Travel Companion has been published every other year, since 1992 (17 years). Over this time, the information on the internet has certainly grown, but there is still a great value in having your own copy of the Quilter’s Travel Companion. And there is still more usable info in this book, than one can find on the internet, plus it is faster to use the info in this book than the internet! This great book has information on over 1900 quilt shops in the United States and Canada, and even one in the Bahamas.

This is a great source of information. And the “book” (vs internet) format provides an excellent summarized source of information, in an easy to read format. Thus, making it very easy to plan your trips.

Insights on shops are listed by City, State, and there is a great index. Plus, unlike the internet, this book provides great maps to help you identify what shops are in the area you may be visiting, plus it helps to shows you an easy way to get to the store.

This book includes a consolidated listing of quilt shows is organized by month. I found this very helpful to planning when looking for quilting events in a particular time of year.

The 10th edition of the Quilters’ Travel Companion also lists quilt shows all across the country with maps locating the cities where shows are happening.

The beautiful clip art illustrations, by Lisa and Desk Gallery, could be reason enough to buy thisbook. Simply delightful!

I highly recommend the Quilters’ Travel Companion for all quilters. If you don’t have a current copy, you may want to pick up a copy before you take any more trips. And, if you are looking for a gift, to give a quilter, please consider giving this delightful book.

Quilters’ Travel Companion also publishes an “Up To Date” newsletter. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this free newsletter, simply send an email to mailto:Info@quilterstravelcompanion.com

While you can frequently purchase this lovely book in your local quilt shops, you can also purchase it online: http://www.quilterstravelcompanion.com/Ordering.htm

Quilters’ Companion also has a great online gift shop. This is a perfect place to shop for upcoming Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, hostess gifts, or any gift that you may want to give your quilting friends. And, you’ll probably find some delightful items that you’ll want to buy for yourself, as well as buy for non-quilting friends too! http://www.quiltersgiftshop.com/index.php?p=home

They have many delightful items, include a large selection of greeting cards.

A delightful selection of watches and other jewelry.

The Quilters’ Travel Companion is published by Chalet Publishing,
2506 Robinson St., Colorado Springs, CO 80904.


Once you have your own copy of Quilters’ Travel Companion, you won’t want to leave home without it.


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