Lynette Jensen is the creator of the well know Thimbleberries fabrics and designs.  She is a heartwarming lady who is clearly very talented.  She has what some call an “upscale” country style.  I believe many of her designs are very versatile and all are of her designs are lovely.

She also has many designs for each season.  Which is where I want to focus on sharing insights with you today.  As Fall is approaching, and will soon be followed by the upcoming holidays, I feel Thimbleberries fabrics and designs are a great choice for a proejct to decorate your home, for a gift, or even a gift of giving Thimbleberries books, patterns or fabrics to someone that loves to quilt or sew.
All of Lynette’s designs provide easy to follow instructions with great visual aids.  And I feel all of these books just look perfect to help create some delightful quilts, table runners, wallhangings and other projects for the upcoming Fall and/or Holiday season.
While you don’t have to use Thimbleberries fabrics when using Thimbleberries designs, these fabrics really do look lovely with these designs and in other designs too!  Personally, I have used many Thimbleberries fabrics in a variety of designs and always been pleased.
Thimbleberries has a beautiful line of fabric with high quality, 100% cotton, and a distinctive design that charms any home!  Thimbleberries fabrics are distributed thru RJR Fabrics and sold through quilt stores, online stores, and various catalogs.
Thimbleberries Quilt Club is block of the month quilting activity that is offered in many quilt shops.  These clubs have fun quilting, while continuing to build their expertise.  I’ve found their projects to be inspirational and I look forward to someday attending a quilt show that focuses on Thimbleberries Quilt Club projects!
I’m currently planning on using their pattern for “Vacation Houses” to make a fall wallhanging. This is a delightful design that creates a 30×33″ wallhanging that would work for all seasons and any decor.    And the instructions are so well written that I believe this would be an easy quilt for a beginner quilter, as well as something an advance quilter could have fun creating and embellishing.

I highly recommend everyone visiting the Thimbleberries website.  They have many delightful  tips, free Thimbleberries Quilt Patterns, and free Thimbleberry recipes as well as more insights on designs, books, fabrics and other items.

You may also contact Thimbleberries at (800) 587-3944

And keep your eye out for Lynette Jensen.  After all, she is the very talented Mrs. Thimbleberries!


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  1. I’d love to see your vacation house quilt when it is done! It looks like a cool pattern! :)Thanks for your comment on my blog, always good to meet new quilt bloggers !!! (


  2. I’d also like to see your “Vacation Houses” when it’s done! What a great pattern, as so many of the Thimbleberries patterns are. Love the fabrics, too.


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