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Michaelanne Gephart is a very thoughtful, generous, and talented woman whom I find very inspirational.  She loves animals, gardening, and being outside.  She’ll even describe the “healing powers” of being out in the yard. And you can see how she draws upon these areas in her quilting.
When Michaelanne was a young girl, her family would visit her grandmother Florence (Flossie) for the summer.  This is where Michaelanne gained appreciation for design and through her Grandmother she learned tailoring.
While Michaelanne’s background in sewing, like many, comes from designing and sewing clothes, she began quilting by way of making baby quilts.  She has continued on with making a variety of quilts in different styles and methods, from pieced to applique. 
Back in 2000, Michaelanne apprenticed with Cindy Feagle for three years, where she learned the art of Long Arm quilting.  She also took a class in long arm quilting at The Quilted Rose.   It then became clear that she should open her own long arm business, which she decided to name after her Grandmother “Flossie”. 

 Michaelanne volunteers to help quilt charity quilts for both Linus and Camp Reach For The Sky (CR4TS). She also belongs to a group of quilters, called “Champagne Quilters“. The Champagne Quilters make baby quilts and adds them to baskets full of new baby items, for little boys & little girls. These new baby gift baskets are given to Operation Homefront, which shows supports to our troops by helping their families left at home. I hope to share more insights about Champagne Quilters in the future, as this sounds like such a delightful program.

Flossie’s Quilting was born and Michaelanne’s creativity as a long arm has continued to blossom. She can offer her customers various longarm pantographs quilting styles, but many of her customers prefer to have Michaelanne freehand quilt their quilts.
Here are a few beautiful quilts, that customers were kind enough to let me share with you. While they are beautiful quilts, the quilting is spectactular. I just wish my camera did a better job capturing the beauty of these quilts and the beautiful long arm quilting that Michaelanne quilted.

This beautiful quilt was made by Karen Shell and was quilted by Michaelanne Gephart.  The design is called “Criss Cross Applesauce” and was taught in a class by Karen Cunigan, through Point Loma Adult Ed in San Diego.  The long arm quilting style is freehand, with funky flowers and leaves.  The quilting design draws in Michaelanne’s love of nature and the outdoors. 

This beautiful quilt was made by Charlotte Fortier in the 1980’s, but not finished and quilted until this past fall.  Michaelanne quilted it freehand, with gorgeous feathers and swirls.  Charlotte and her husband used a picture of this beautiful quilt, as they were wrapped up in it, for their Christmas card last year.  I think this quilt would be beautiful throughout the year, but love the idea of using it in a Christmas Card.  Just wish I had received such a lovely Christmas card.
Here is another beautiful  quilt, which was made by Amy Sheridan and quilted by Michaelanne Gephart.  The design was taught in a class by Karen Cunigan, at Point Loma Adult Ed in San Diego.  Karen had shared the pattern with all the students, but the challenge was that everyone needed to make the house blocks their own.  As Amy loves dogs, she choose cheerful fabrics with whimsical dogs.  And, Michaelanne did a fantastic job freehand quilting.  You can even see in the rails words quilted that Michaelanne added, from verbage printed on some of the fabric:  “Beware of the dog woof”, “Bark”, “Stay, fetch, speak, bark”, “Dog Bones & Kibble Yum”, among others. 

I highly recommend Flossie’s Quilting to anyone looking for beautiful long arm quilting to finish their quilt.  I’m sure you’ll be as happy as I am with Michaelanne’s work. 

If you are interested in having one of your quilts quilted by Michaelanne, you can contact her at:

Flossie’s Quilting
Michaelanne Gephart
San Diego, CA 
email:  mailto:MGeph78025@aol.com


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