BFF School House at Cozy Quilt Shop

This past week Cozy Quilt Shop had a free BFF School House, where free demonstrations were given.  It was a fun way to get inspired, and I certainly found more exciting classes to add to my calendar for taking classes this fall.  I had so much fun at this event that I wanted to share my insights with you, but you can also find more info on Cozy Quilt Shop’s website: 

While I took a few photos, Daniela Stout, the talented owner of Cozy Quilt Shop, also created some fantastic YouTube videos for each demonstration.  You can also “subscribe” on YouTube to be notified whenever she posts future videos on YouTube.  And I highly recommend you do so, as they are all great videos.  I’ll share more insights on how to do this, at the end of this post.

Linda Pohlenz gave a great demo on machine qulting and shared many tricks.  She teaches a “Whimsical Quilting” class at Cozy Quilt Shop, and many of her techniques are out of the book by Kathy Sandbach called “Show me how to Machine Quilt.”

Georgette Dell’Orco, designed a really cute purse called “Take It Anywhere Tote” and the pattern is offered under Cozy Quilt Shop Designs.  Georgette gave an excellent demonstration of this beautiful purse, and of course, I had to buy similar fabrics that she used in her demonstration.

There was a nice demo on how to apply a Dritz Grommet, which was really easy and looked fantastic.  There were also several cute bags shared, that are designed to use grommets.  And, there was a great demo for how to add a zipper to the inside of a bag.  This was probably one of the best approaches to adding a zipper, to the inside of a bag, that I’ve ever seen.

And, the BFF School House at Cozy Quilt Shop had a fantastic display of purses and totes.  Cozy Quilt Shop has a BFF club, where a new purse or tote pattern is made every month. 

I recommend everyone visit Cozy Quilt Shops’ online store.  They have all the patterns demonstrated, and on display, at the BFF School House, plus many more.  Plus they have an excellent supply of books, fabrics, and other items. 

Personally, I love all of the patterns shown and many more of Cozy Quilt Designs.  But, if you don’t yet have one of Cozy Quilt’s Strip Tube Rulers, I strongly recommend you pick one up soon.  I’m sure you’ll love it!

While I’m looking at their online store, I’ve realized there are few more items that I really need to get.  You may be interested in seeing my “current” wish list for things to get at Cozy Quilt Shop:

Isn’t this Buckeye Beauty Quilt Pattern absolutely beautiful?  Hard to believe it is a strip quilt pattern.  I can’t wait to make one.

And their Twirling Quilt Pattern is also beautiful.

And this beautiful Stellar Splendor Quilt Pattern is another one of their beautiful strip quilt designs that I can’t wait to make.

And, this fantastic book:  How To Machine Quilt, by Kathy Sandbach, would really help me learn better machine quilting techniques.

I guess I have my Christmas wish list ready.  Isn’t back to school fun?
Oh, before I forget.  If you are interested in joining the BFF club, or taking a class at Cozy Quilt Shop, you may want to check their class calendar:
While Daniela provides links in her great e:newsletter and website, to her videos on you-tube, you can also find them by going to and doing a search on “Cozy Quilt Shop”.  In YouTube, when you view these great videos, on the right side of the web page you’ll see box that says “subscribe”.  You simply need to click on the subscribe button and Youtube will walk you through the steps to become a subscriber to receive email notices when Daniela posts future video clips.  Very simple, but you do need to have a google account or crate and/or create an account on YouTube.  Well worth the few seconds it takes to set it up.


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  1. I have been working on one of the Strip Tubing quilts called Just so Easy made completely of batiks. Although I wasn’t too sure about purchasing the special ruler when I bought the book, it was definitely worth the purchase price. The blocks have gone togther beautifully with no pinning and all the points come together perfectly!


  2. Hello and thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas and quilts. I was wondering what Ms. Linda Pohlenz was holding in her hands as she demonstrated machine quilting? I’ve seen quilters wearing rubber gloves to have better grip of the quilt, but what are those white pads Ms. Pohlenz was using?


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