Patriotic Uncle Sam

Pearl P. Pereira Designs (P3 Designs) has a delightful design for a Patriotic Uncle Sam.  Her instructions are very easy to follow.  Actually, this is a great project for a beginner quilter. 
I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve started this quilt, but haven’t yet finished it.  It would have been a lovely quilt to proudly display today.  I’m not sure what my excuse is, but I still wanted to share insights about this lovely quilt. 
Hopefully you’ll join me in making this beautiful quilt wall hanging. 
While we can display this patriotic quilt anytime, it is a perfect quilt to proudly display on 9-11, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and many other days throughout the year. 
Pearl’s  Uncle Sam is the third of a series of welcome quilts. The pieces are quite large, which make preparation of the appliqué pieces easier. Good project for hand or machine appliqué.

Finished size: 28″ x 63″.

Let us never forget 9-11.  There are so many ways to show our patriotic spirit and our American strength and compasion.  I hope we always look for opportunities to be strong, help others, fight for Freedom, and be compasionate.  I realize we’ve not always done so, but I’m hopeful that the world can heal and we can all reach out to “stitch” the world back together for peace and prosperity.


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