Cat Week: The Search Begins…..

While looking for my Muse, I have found many sources of inspiration.  One “big” source for me is to read inspirational blogs.  There are many talented quilting enthusiasts who blog, a few sewing enthusiasts who blog, but I have yet to find any embroidery enthusiasts who blog (with the exception of quilters who periodically blog about embroidery).  I also found that is a great tool to track blogsites.  My mornings now start off with a cup of coffee and time spent reading my favorite blogs, as I look for inspiration. 

Today I want to share with you some evidence that there are Cats that are a Muse, as I’ve found evidence on blogs from some very talented people.  I hope you’ll pop by their blogs and enjoy following their posts as much as I do.  While I’m sure the cat lovers will enjoy hearing more about these bloggers and their cats, I think you’ll also enjoy reading their insights on quilting, sewing, and maybe embroidery too!

Mama Spark’s Blog

Again, while I’m still looking for my Muse, I must admit that I enjoy searching for my Muse while reading these blogs, and many others.  But I do feel the writers of these delightful blogs have a special assistant, may/may not be their muse, but clearly their cats are very helpful four legged friends, who provide advice and assistance, as appropriate.  And, are certainly willing to test any new quilt (or fabric) with a good catnap!


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