Cat Week: Can you find your muse by taking a class ?

I’ve wondered if I could I find a muse while taking a class?  Could it be the teacher or a fellow student?  Is it the person sitting next to me, or the person that came to class loaded with a great selection of fabrics in colors that I love?

As I’ve always admired Shelley Swanland, I  must confess I was happy to see that she has a delightful cat that also enjoys quilting!  And Shelly proudly recognizes her cat “Nala”, as her official assistant.  One of Nala’s responsibilities is to collect photos of cats on quilts made by Shelly’s students and post them on Shelly’s website
Here are few of these very happy cats, which I believe provide more proof that cats can be a muse:
I was lucky to be able to take a workshop today, with Shelley Swanland.  She is truly a talented and creative woman, and an excellent teacher.  Today’s workshop focused on learning Shelley’s techniques and made beautiful table runners using her pattern for Berries Jubilee or Black Laquer.  Both designs are absolutely beautiful.
Shelley also has an interesting blog, where she shares her many of her creative insights.  It is very easy to find inspiration when reading her blog.   
While I love all of Shelley’s designs, her cathedral windows quilt with cats is just delightful.

Shelley also has an collection of beautiful 12×12 quilts that she calls “Twilts”.  And she shares a new Twilt every Tuesday.  They are absolutely delightful. 

Shelley’s, first book:  “Machine Stitched Cathedral Windows, Updating an Old Favorite”, Published by Martingale & Co. ©1999, went to print 5 times (40,000+ copies).    While this book is viewed as sold out, you can contact Shelley directly to purchase a copy of it and/or her book:  “Machine-Stitched Cathedral Stars”, Published by Martingale & Co. ©2001

While I’ve not yet used any of Shelley’s books they are on my Christmas Wish List.  I’m sure they are wonderful.
Having taken a class by Shelley, I can truly give her a great recommendation to any guild that is looking for a great speaker and/or workshop instructor.  And I highly recommend anyone having an opportunity to take a class with Shelley to do so.  I’m confident you’ll learn far more than you anticipate and have fun doing so.  I know I did. 
Shelley Swanland

P.O. Box 862, Banning, CA 92220
Shelley’s blogsite:


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