Vote for your favorite quilt and have a chance at winning a prize

While winners in my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show will be selected randomly on December 25th, I’m also wanting to award a prize to the “Viewer’s Choice”.  And, this allows you a chance (or another chance) at winning a prize on December 25th.  To clarify, vote for your favorite quilt in this show and your name gets entered (1 extra point) to win a prize. 

To vote for your favorite quilt in the Virtual Christmas Quilt show, simply review all your favorite quilts entered in this show.  Leave a comment on the post by the person who entered their quilt, to thank them for entering their quilt in this show.  Then, vote for your favorite by posting a comment on this post or send me an email message.  Just let me know which is your favorite quilt, ideally providing the entry # (e.g. 1…60+) and the name of the person that entered the quilt in the show. 

Your vote for your favorite quilt in this show needs to be submitted to me before Christmas morning, on December 25th, and your name will be entered for one point to win a prize.

If you want more chances to win a prize:
1) Post about this event on your blog, with a link back to this post in your post.  And leave me a comment letting me you know you did this (for 1 extra point).
2) Enter a quilt in this show (for 5 exta points).  See rules in the original post:

For more information on the Virtual Quilt Show:

For a list of prizes for this show:


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  1. They are all wonderful! But I love # 36! It just looks so cozy and what I can imagine falling asleep under on a cold winter’s night in December!


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