Road to California Quilt Show – Enjoy the Quilts (2010)

With 500+ quilts on display at the Road to California Quilt Show it is really difficult to pick my favorite quilt.  I can’t wait to see who wins the Viewer’s Choice award.  I want to share a few of the quilts on display at the show, but as there are so many beautiful quilts, I’m struggling with which ones to share.  As I can’t share photos of all 500+ quilts, I want to emphasize this show is still going on and you can also order a CD of all the photos from the show’s offices.

I loved the Special Exhibit of Faculty quilts:

{above} Veronica Nurmi machine pieced and machine quilted this beautiful Storm At Sea Quilt.  This was also part of The Quilt collection of quilts.

{above}Marilyn Rose’s beautiful “Persian Tiles” quilt on exhibit with the Hoffman Challenge.

{above} Sally Pearce’s beautiful quilt called “He’s Gone”.

{above} Melinda Bula’s lovely quilt called “Monterey At Dusk”.  This beauty was part of a special exhibit that shared the winners of the 15 years that the Road to California Quilt Show has been held.  It was a delightful exhibit!

{above two}  There was a special exhibit where the same quilt style had been sent to longarmers around the US.  It was fun to see such a variety of longarm quilting.  And, I loved the music too!


{above two} Suzanne C. Stiles made this beautiful “Seashells Admist the Waves”.  I loved the design, colors, fabrics, quilting and use of machine embroidery.  Excellent quilt!
{above}  Suzanne Marshall made this beautiful applique quilt “Vases”.

{above two} I enjoyed seeing many beautiful quilts that also had used machine embroidery.  This particular quilt caught my eye, as I also love gardening.  It was displayed in the Sulky booth.
With the 500+ quilts on display there was a broad representation of of various styles of quilting and techniques from  traditional quilts thru many beautiful art quilts.  Yes, Road To California is an amazing show that delights and inspires!  Thank you to all that contributed to making this show such a success.

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  1. Loved all your pictures and info from the quilt show. I’m so sorry I missed Suzanne Marshall’s quilt when I was there yesterday! I love her quilts!


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