Machine Embroidery Fun

I enjoy machine embroidery and find it a perfect way to feel like I’m accomplishing something when I’m cleaning up my sewing room.  While doing some organization in my sewing room today I played with a Valentine’s design from Designs by Sick.     Cute design that was very easy to stitch out!  Perfect design for towels, shirts, aprons, and many other items you may want to embroider.

I do like to do test stitch outs on dishtowels, tote bags, or misc items.  Always difficult to tell how a design will stitch out, and how you may want to change colors.  Thus, I like test stitch outs on items I would still be willing to use, or give as a gift.  And I must say that my husband was even happy to see a new dish towel tonight with this Valentine motif! 


6 thoughts on “Machine Embroidery Fun”

  1. Very nice design. I do “practice” stitch-outs too, Darlene. I embroider too, not as much as probably I should but I like to do it. What I think is really awesome is to embroider for the quilting on quilts. Do I always do it that way? Heck no, not often enough..LOL


  2. Very cute! Like your colors! I do not own an embroidery machine, but I have access to my friend’s. It’s fun to choose different colorways.


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