Moving forward

Awhile back I joined a virtual group of quilters for a “Snowball” sew-along. There is a great group of quilters that have been participating in this sew-cial:  Linda (The Quilting Cat),  Andee (The Modern Diary), Barb (Bejeweled Quilts), Bekky (Quilts & Such), Cathy (Cat in the Sewing Room),  Cindy (Snippy Sews Sometimes), Hooks Pins & Needles Jen  (Cre8ative Quilter), Lori (Oodles of Noodles),  Lori R. (Projects & Such),  Michele (Barrels of Monkeys), Moneik (Moneik Quilts), Patti (Pieces of Patti), Regina (Bit N By A Quilting Bug), Tamera (Tamera Quilts),  Trish (Compulsive Quilting), Angela (so scrappy), and Val (Lofty Thoughts). 
Linda and Regina have coordinated this fun sew-cial.  While several participants have finished their snowball and nine patch quilt, there are several (like me) who are still working on their project. 
 Like many things in life, I’m probably going to be the last in this group to finish my snowball quilt.  I initially struggled with the decision to use a collection of fat quarters, a layer cake, or scraps in my stash.  I decided to use some scraps, that I wanted to “make work” with some cat fabric I had.  While I was waiting for my replacement laptop I was able to sew my blocks and put most of the top together….until I stitched over a pin and triggered my favorite sewing machine to stop working.  While this sewing machine is now in the shop, to have the “timing”  fixed, my new laptop arrived.
I’ve migrated all my data to my shiny new “red” laptop and am trying to load all my programs. And, I’m trying to learn the new features of the Win 7 o/s.  I do feel a bit slow on this computer, but it is nice to be back up and running again.  ….hopefully I’ll be fully functional on this laptop (and on my sewing machine) very soon. 
Hope all is well with you!

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  1. Love the quilt Darlene, and have fun with your new computer. It is a gem! You will have to tell me how the Win7 is. Hope your sewing machine is home soon!Micki


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