It’s A Wrap II

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I love spring time when everything is new.  I especially love new book releases.  And, I’m so excited to be able to get a copy of “It’s A Wrap II”, by Susan Breier, published by Martingale & Company, home of That Patchwork Place.

Susan’s new book shows her easy method of how to wrap coiling line and fabric to make fantastic bowls, as well as make exciting new shapes, handles, lids and totes.  This book contains 20 new designs with excellent instructions and photos.  There are also many delightful insights that go way beyond the basics, such as insights on how to enhance fabrics with paint.

There are insights on how to make circle baskets, triangle baskets, square baskets, heart shaped baskets,  and more.  I also loved the inspirational insights on embellishing these projects.

And I was certainly inspired by all the insights on how to make purses and totes using her techniques.

Overall, I’m delighted with this new book “It’s A Wrap II“, by Susan Breier.  It is an inspirational book that will help anyone create wonderful bowls, totes and purses for use in their home, or to share as gifts.  I think you’ll love it too!

I was also impressed to learn that the prior version of this book, “It’s A Wrap”, is still in print! Yes, it is in the 10th reprinting, as it is such a popular book.  So, go get a copy of “It’s A Wrap II” soon. I’m sure this book will be a sell out very soon!  And while you are at it, if you don’t already have a copy of the original “It’s A Wrap”, I encourage you to get a copy of it too!

Both books are available for purchase from Martingale & Company.



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