Kaffee Fassett’s Quilts in the Sun

Master colorist and quilter Kaffe Fassett, along with Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, Liza Prior Lucy, Pauline Smith, Brandon Mably, Rebekah Lynch and Betsy Menefee Rickles, wrote the book “Kaffee Fassett’s quilts in the sun”, a Rowan Book, published by The Taunton Press.  This delightful book inspires quilters to play with colorful fabrics, while using bold geometric designs, using an interesting approach to frame colour or prints with sashing or borders. 

This book has excellent photography, with all of these quilts set in beautiful settings in colorful Portugal. There are 20 original quilt designs, all of which showcase the Kaffe Fasset collection.  All of the quilt patterns are rated on a 1 to 3 stars in terms of difficulty.  Color schemes are suggested and there is a “Tips and Techniques” section that covers the basics and more.

All the quilt designs have well written instructions, with excellent visuals.

Are you ready to pack your passport and quilting supplies for a trip to Portugal?

Well, you almost feel like you are on such a trip with this wonderful book!

This book is packed full of brilliant quilts and designs that you can use to create your own colorful quilt.

SewCalGal recommends this book for any quilter interested in creating brilliantly colored quilts and/or learning more about color and design. 

Copies of this book are also available from the online store at Taunton Press.


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