Want to SWATH with EQ7?

You have probably heard that there are 79 new features in the soon to be released EQ7, along with many additional enhancements.  Obviously, there are more bells & whistles than I can share in this post, but click here for an excellent overview of this new software by Electric Quilt, or check my previous posts on EQ7.   Still, I want to share insights with you on one of the new features in EQ7 that I think you’ll love! 
First, I want to talk about a term that I think is going to explode in the world of quilting:  “Swath”.  Yes, I’m certain after EQ7 gets released the term Swath is going to be shared at Quilt Shows, workshops, sew-cials, etc..  Yes, we may saunter into a room, but we will all want to have a “swath” in our quilts.  And, EQ7 will certainly make it very easy for you to create beautiful quilts with a swath!
During the EQ7 Beta Test phase, I was one of those lucky testers.  And, I certainly found the new “Swath” tool easy and fun to use.  It offers endless possibilities.

This tool is so easy.  You basically click on the Swath tool and draw a line (to layout your swath design).

And, wa la, your swath design appears!  You can make a swath of just about any design (e.g. straight lines, swirls, circles, stripes, points, etc.).   And, obviously, you can have swaths overlap swaths.

Needless to say I had fun playing with the swath feature, while Beta Testing EQ7.  And, it is one of many features that I’m excited about in this new release that will be shipping around mid-June. 

Think of the power of swathing and wreathing or combining the swath tool with other tools.  Possibilities are endless.

I’m looking forward to “swathing” in EQ7 this summer.  I hope you’ll join me!

Remember you have until May 31st to get your pre-publication pricing on EQ7 and EQ7 Upgrade.  For more info on this pricing click here for the information on the Electric Quilt site.



8 thoughts on “Want to SWATH with EQ7?”

  1. Wow. I haven’t figured out HALF of what EQ6 can do, and not want – need – EQ7. The swath tool alone will sell this upgrade.


  2. ahhhh!!!! I think you’ve made me want eq7 and I don’t even know what it’s all about! Quilt designing? I neeeeed to swath!!! So I have until May 31st to preorder. I really need to think about this! Thanks for the info. 🙂


  3. I have never seen very much done with the software and have not really wanted it. LOL Now you make it interesting. Wish there was somewhere to take classes on it. I sure would pre order it. Hmmmmmmmmmm thinking it might be fun.


  4. ya know, i am a little behind and i just got EQ6 last fall and i had to blog all about it too! i just can’t believe that a program this magical exists! i am not sure about eq7 but i will most likely be upgrading. thanks for the post and the link :)-Magoowww.Limeandlace.blogspot.com


  5. Oh the ironies of life. I was playing around with a potential design for our guild challenge to make an 11″x8 1/2″ (landscape) quilt, inspired by nature. I love working little, so I thought of geese flying north in the spring and drafted out two “Vs” to reflect the way that they actually fly. For the background, I wanted to work some blue egg fabric from the Aviary line into whatever else I used for sky. And I wanted to include a shadowy image of a large goose (maybe with tulle, I wasn’t sure). But I drew my Vs and then drew all those geese blocks (very small ones) and that was as far as I got. I can only imagine how much faster it would have been with the swath tool!!!I can’t affort the software right now, but I’ll be saving my pennies!B/


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