Great way to make an Hawaiian Quilt

I’ve had several people express that they’d love to make an Hawaiian quilt, but feel they do not have the time or skill.  So, I wanted to share insight with you on a new way to make an Hawaiian quilt that is very fast and very easy! 
You can start with pre-cut  Hawaiian applique designs, which were cut using a laser for accurate cutting.  These Snappliqué  designs already have fusible on the back too!  You can apply these designs to your background fabric to create blocks to make a beautiful quilt and sew by machine, or by hand.  No need to learn how to cut out an Hawaiian applique design, or to learn the needle turn applique technique.  Isn’t this great?  I love it!

You could quickly create blocks for a Hawaiian style quilt,  pillow, bag, shirt, or just about anything.    

Quilter’s Paradise currently has two different Hawaiian applique designs that have been laser cut.  They come in a variety of colors and in two sizes (12″ x 12″ or 5.5″ x 5.5″), both at very reasonable prices.
Quilter’s Paradise also has an online store where anyone can order these designs, and they also take wholesale orders.  You may also want to let your local quilt store know!
I hope you’ll give Hawaiian Quilting, the Snappliqué way, from Quilter’s Paradise, a try soon!

Quilter’s Paradise
1451 Montiel Road Suite 140
Escondido, CA 92026
760-738-9877 (fax)


5 thoughts on “Great way to make an Hawaiian Quilt”

  1. Thanks for the info…..I am definitely going to do one….but one of my own designs….it is in the thought process as we speak.


  2. I think probably cutting accurately for these quilts is one of the main reasons you don’t see more of them – I have tried a small block and even though I thought I cut it right one side was a little off :(Karen


  3. I’ve just done a Hawaiian block for my Lynne Edwards’ sampler quilt and I ignored all her great applique instructions and used that double sided bonding stuff that I can’t remember the name of. I’ll post a pic on my blog when I’m at the arranging the blocks stage (three more to go).


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