Quilting on Arabesque Wings

I’m flying with excitement that AccuQuilt has released two new dies, for the Ricky tims’ Arabesque design, specifically designed for the AcuQuilt GO!    There is the new Arabesque die #2 and #3  which create  amazing applique designs that have flowing curves and details. 
I’ve only had time to use this particular design, but am anxious to use both.  These designs are such  that everyone would admire, but few, in their right mind, would ever want to create by hand.  Yet, AccuQuilt makes this design so easy.
I created the top of this beautiful table runner in a matter of minutes.  The photo really doesn’t do this design justice.  I am looking forward to machine quilting this table runner this coming week.
This die beautiful cuts this design, which measures 7 1/8″W x 7 1/8″H (18 cm x 18 cm).  I believe I’m an experienced AccuQuilt user, so I precut my fabric for this die at 8 1/2x 8 1/2″ squares, even though instructions showed slightly larger pre-cuts.  I also pre-marked this die, using a permanent marker to help  ensure good placement of fabric.  And, my fabric was prepared with a fusible to allow the cut to create a design that could easily be applied to a backing. 
Like all AccuQuilt dies, this die does a fantastic job cutting the applique design. I also save any “over” cuts of fabric for use on smaller dies.  I’m planning a special design, using these “over”scraps using the feathre die, but have used many such scraps on the flower die.  Thus, I’ve concluded there is really minimal waste with the AccuQuilt systems.
For more info:  http://www.accuquilt.com/


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