Designer Challenge Part 1 & 2

How good are you at recognizing designer patterns, styles, fabrics? And, if you are not very good, are you interested in building your skills in this area? I know I am.

To clarify, this is currently part one of a two part post. The title of this post and actual post will be updated when the first person to guess the designer of this quilt. You can submit an email to SewCalGal or add your comment at the bottom of this post.

First person to guess correctly will be recognized on

I will also update this post to reflect who was the first to accurately guess the designer, and share a bit more insight on the designer, as well. If no one can accurately guess the designer in 24 hours, I will update this post to reflect same, along with sharing insights on the designer. So, I hope you’ll check back.

note: If there is a discrepancy on designers, that may have similar styles, SewCalGal will be the ultimate judge to determine the winner. And, in most cases, the photo of the quilt shown in this post will also be posted on the designers site.


Who Guessed it:   Shelly Rodgers (aka Shelly The Pirate), was the first to correctly guess this Designer Challenge.

Who is this designer:  Patrick Lose

One of my personal objectives of blogging was to be able to broaden my insights. While I was familiar with Patrick Lose, long before I started blogging, thru my research for this blog I have become more familiar with Patrick Lose, and definitely fallen more in love with his whimsical and cheerful designs.

Patrick Lose was also received a nomination in the Golden Quilter Awards for Best Designer, which shows he is recognized and loved by many quilters!  He has also written many wonderful quilt books, including “A Patrick Lose Christmas“,  “Poster Quilts with Patrick Lose“, “Terrific Table Toppers” and many more published by CT Publishing.

Patrick also has designed a variety of fabrics, perfect for making cheerful quilts.

And Patrick has a great collection of beautiful patterns, including a large number of Christmas Designs (a few are shown here).


I certainly hope to see some quilts in the 2010 Christmas Quilt Show, using some of Patrick’s cute Christmas designs.
And, Patrick has a great club called “Party with Patrick!”.   Check with your local quilt store to see if they have the Party with Patrick Club.  If they don’t, simply let them know they can contact Patrick.  This club is a great way for everyone to have fun and make some projects that Patrick releases specifically for club members!

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