Feeling Fussy Today!

Today was definitely a fussy day….fussy cutting day.  I’ve always admired quilts that have fussy cut fabrics, but until recently I didn’t enjoy taking time to fussy cut my fabrics.  It was a slow process, and with most tools, always difficult to see if I was fussy cutting what I really wanted to cut.  But I’ve found a cool tool that really makes this process so easy and fast!  It is also a very helpful tool to audition fabrics, for color & scale. 

I’m now hooked.  Can’t stop fussy cutting.  I’m looking at cute prints and planning quilts that I can fussy cut and show the designs off.  Auditioning is so much fun!
These cool rulers, designed to help the fussy cutting process, are part of the CutRiteTM Square-Up Template Set .

This set includes  5 square-up templates, designed to audition and fussy cut fabrics in your choice of  10-1/2″, 8-1/2″, 6-1/2″, 4-1/2″ or  2-1/2″ squares.  The templates were laser-cut and help you create perfect fussy cut squares. 

Unlike most rulers that are used for fussy cutting fabrics, these templates use a red color that allow you to easily view the fabric you are cutting. Plus, unlike clear acrylic templates, you won’t easily lose or misplace these red templates.
I found them very easy to use. You start with the appropriate sized template to “audtion” your fabric. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I really enjoyed seeing how one could showcase certain fabrics, by auditioning the scale of the print, to decide how best to fussy cut the fabric and design a quilt around it. 

The rulers act like frames for you to see what your fussy cut piece of fabric will look like.  And you simply cut with the small ruler, which fits inside of the frame (after you’ve inserted the smaller ruler inside of your fame and removed the frame).  Very easy.  And definitely fun!
Fussy cutting is no longer an activity I get fussy about any more.  Not with CutRiteTM Square-Up Template Set . 

Yeap, I think I’m going to be making a cute pet quilt, for my upcoming Pets On Quilt Show.  These fabrics will look great fussy cut in a quilt, don’t you think? 

Works purrfectly!

I can’t stop playing with these rulers! 

Don’t  you think it really helps to audition a fabric for fussy cutting?

In this fabric, with the small scale, I think any of the sizes would make a cute quilt, but I concluded I like the 2 1/2″ square the best.  Love how it allows the cats in this fabric to standout, each with their unique purrsonality.  Gosh, I love this ruler set!

The red color also makes it easy to see your rulers on light, medium, and dark fabric.  They are much easier to find and less likely to get lost!

Another plus of this fussy cutting tool is that it is also a tool to help identify values of fabric.  You can hold up one of the templates to your eyes when view fabric to determine the fabric’s value (light, medium, dark).

You can order these rulers online from Quilters Paradise, or wholesale thru Brewers.



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  1. Thanks for this review, these look such a good idea, much better than the haphazard arrangement of pieces of paper, notebook and whatever is to hand that I use, and they act as a ruby beholder too, brilliant.


  2. Now this is a must have cool tool. I have done some fussy cutting in the past and I love the results but I always think twice because it is a lot of work. Thanks for posting about fussy cut templates.


  3. Thanks for sharing this product. I like to buy my mom quilting rulers and this would be a good choice. It was great that you showed the same spot with the different sized openings.


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