Dancing With Thread

Dancing with Thread, written by Ann Fahl and published by CT Publishing is an inspirational book that is perfect for anyone interested in free-motion quilting (FMQ).  To clarify, this book is appropriate for quilters of all levels, from the beginner to advanced quilter.

The Gallery section of this book uses excellent photography of beautiful quilts, with close up photos that show the wonderful free-motion quilting.  Ann also shares insights on how she quilted each of these quilts, in a way that helps to inspire and teach. 

This 96-page book is packed full of great insights.  There is a nice section for tools and supplies, including insights on many new products on the market too!  The insights on thread are also very helpful, especially for someone new to FMQ.  Tips are also included for selecting and quilting with decorative and metallic threads.  And there is a helpful section on trouble shooting, when things don’t go the way you want.

Ann helps you plan out your FMQ for which to show off your quilt design, and creating FMQ borders.  A variety of sample quilting motifs, border ideas,  and corner suggestions are very helpful.   The give projects included in this book, range from beginner to experienced level, are all lovely designs, but they are also excellent projects to practice insights provided in this book.

Ann has also published Coloring with Thread (2005), and Coloring with Thread Dvd (2007). Both of these are on my wishlist, as I’m sure they too would help inspire and teach better free-motion quilting skills!

Dancing with Thread, Coloring with Thread, and Ann’s Coloring with Thread DVD are available for purchase from CT Publishing.


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