Schnibbles Times Two

I must confess that up until recently, I had no idea what a Schnibble is, who Carrie Nelson is, that there was a large group of quilters that made schnibbles quilts, or that there was a  Charming Girls Club (aka schnibblers that blog).  But I started seeing some beautiful quilts on the internet, and met many bloggers (many were members of the Charming Girls Club), who helped to share insight and Carrie and Schnibbles. 

With further investigation, I quickly concluded I had been overlooking a wonderful quilting opportunity.  Carrie Nelson is very talented, fun, and has written many cute patterns and books.  Her recent book “Schnibbles times two: quilts from 5″ or 10″ squares” is a great book for anyone interested in schnibbles (this inspirational book explains all about schnibbles).  Actually,  it is also an excellent book for any quilter of all levels and you don’t need to know what a schnibble is to enjoy this book!

The definition of a Schnibble, provided by Carrie: The word Schnibble means a scrap, small bits of cloth, or leftover bits of fabric!  So, by the definition I would think that anyone that loves scraps is a Scnibble quilter.  Carrie, is just an inspirational Schnibbler that has designed many wonderful quilts using beautiful schnibbles.  And, in this book, she makes it very easy by giving you the choice of using 5″ charm squares or 10″ layer cake squares (or cut your own).

“Schnibles times two” has patterns for 12 beautiful Schnibble quilts.  I also liked how instructions were well written, providing fabric requirements, cutting instructions, making the block instructions and assembly and finishing the quilt top.  Instructions were also provided to make a design in a large or small size, ranging from 29 1/2″ x 29 1/2″ to 60″ x 80 1/2″.

Carrie has a fun writing style, that unlike some quilt books, is far from being dry.  Well, she does encourage the reader to think “cake mix”, as she walks you thru the basics of “How to Bake a Layer Cake Quilt”. 

This book is available for purchase from Martingale & Company.  You can also find out more about Schnibbles by visiting Carrie’s blog, visiting Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co., and also through the Charming Girls Club.  But beware, as if you are not hooked on Schnibble quilts yet, it will be easy to get hooked.  And, you’ll quickly find a large group of friendly quilters who also love to make Schnibble quilts. 

Ok.  I’ll confess.  I’m now hooked on Schnibble Quilts and everything Carrie creates!  And I’m definitely joining the Charming Girls Club.  SewCalGal highly recommends everyone to check out this book and enjoy becoming a Schnibble quilter!

If you are already a Schnible quilter, I’d love to hear insights on your favorite Schnibble pattern and/or favorite book by Carrie.


8 thoughts on “Schnibbles Times Two”

  1. those are beautiful quilts–i just DO NOT need more projects–but i’ll be thinking about doing one of these hopefully this year. you left a comment about an accuquilt group–i’d love to join–i can’t figure out how to email people back when they comment on my blog!! so, if you know how to do it would you let me know how to join that group? i also can’t figure out how to get blinkies on my site–heck i can’t figure out much. maybe DD being here this week can help me do it


  2. I’ve been Schnibbling and my favorite pattern is Madeline. I love how she made up in the French General fabrics. Carrie loves flying geese, so be prepared to make lots of them when you use a Schnibbles pattern 🙂


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