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Why the focus of my blog is quilting, sewing & embroidery, I just couldn’t resist sharing this insight with you.  And, I must confess that I get a big smile whenever I see a dog dressed in a cute outfit, even better when it is handmade!

I’m so hoping that some of the dogs, in the upcoming Pets on Quilt show, will not only be sitting on beautiful quilts, but also wearing cute little outfits. And I know they’ll look especially cute if they are wearing a knit from one of the patterns in the new book “Dress your Dog”.

To get you inspired, plus to enjoy a cute chuckle, take a look at this fun video of a fashion show for pooches.

“Dress Your Dog: Nifty Knits for Classy Canines” was written by Sys Fredens and Martingale & Company. This delightful book has 30 “dog pleasing designs”, for cute pooch attire. Designs include sweaters, pillows, leashes, collars, carrying bags, and a felted mat.  Some use knitting needles, while others use crochet needles. All are the designs are cute and fun.

This book is well written, with good instructions in various sizes (S, M, L).

The photography is excellent, with charming models. Of course, I also enjoyed the notations of what the cute pooches are thinking while modeling these charming outfits!

There is even a basic guidelines section, to help the beginner who wants to learn to knit or crochet. It is full of easy to follow instructions, with excellent visuals.

This is a delightful book that will help you make cute pooch outfits to enable your pooch to smile and charm everyone, or make gifts that will be appreciated by fellow dog lovers.

This is certainly a fun book. SewCalGal highly recommends it. Sys Fredens and Martingale & Company did an excellent job! Love it!

You can also order a copy of this cute book at Martingale & Company.

Oh, would it be fun to see every dog dressed up in one of these cute outfits?  I love all of them!
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  1. I’m one of those who think humans should not dress up animals for their own entertainment and at the same time I can see how those little guys and gals need something to keep their little selves warm. What a wonderful way to keep them warm…..and I love the cable sweater….I’d want one of those too :)Smiles,Kelly


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