Blending Photos with Fabric 2

Blending Photos with Fabric 2, by Mary Ellen Kranz and published by the Electric Quilt Company is written for those that can see a potential quilt in every beautiful picture you take.  But I also believe this book is written for the everyday quilter, to inspire and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and create a photo quilt they’ll also want to treasure.

Mary Ellen uses this book to share many photography and printing tricks that she is known for teaches in some of her workshops.  This book is devided into two major sections.  The Photo to Fabric section includes insight on how to get your photo to fabric.  The second section provides a variety of project quilts and insights for making a photo quilt.  The entire book is well written, with great visuals, insights, and inspirational tips.

I love the gallery section “When an Image Inspires a Quilt”.  OMG these quilts are beautiful. 

There are also great tips to take excellent photos, as well as insights on how to get your images to your computer.  Even insights on what type of printer you may need to buy, if you do not have an inkjet printer.  And insights on preparing your fabric.  But I really love how she has incorporated Q&A from her classes, where she addresses questions that students frequently ask her in her workshops. 

Her insights for preparing your image (digital editing) are easy to follow, for those familiar with digital editing software (e..g Corel Paint, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.).  But if you are not familiar with any digital editing, this book will still be very helpful to you, but I’d also recommend that if you want to digitally edit your photos you also look to your photo editing software for tutorials on their specific photo editing software.

The projects in this book are wonderful.  Don’t you just love Zinnia?  And the Sunflower project is spectacular.  But then, all eleven of the projects in this book are amazing.  I love them all. And they each come with step-by-step instructions.

There are also variations and quilt embellishment ideas to inspire you to combine your own wonderful digital photos with fabric in your quilts and other fiber art. 

Did I mention that there are 21 tips on being a better photographer, plus editing photos and printing on fabric?  Clearly, I can not put this book down.  I’m in a repeat cycle cover to cover, cover to cover.

I’ve always admired quilts that have incorporated photos, and have noticed and increasing popularity at quilt shows, as many using these techniques have been winning awards at amazing quilt shows.  I love how easy this book makes taking a photo, printing on fabric, and blending fabric, to make a beautiful quilt.

You can learn  how to turn any photo into a Kaleidoscope.

On a related not, have you heard about the first ever EQ cruise?  You could learn EQ7 (or EQ6) and enjoy a 10 Day / 9 Night Caribbean Cruise, January 28 – February 6, 2011.  Participants will visit the Carribean, in the heart of winter, and come home knowing all about EQ7 (and EQ6).  Add to that the small sewn projects featuring your own cruise photos you’ll have made on board.  Mary Ellen Krantz and Barb Vlack will be on board EQ instructors.  How cool is that?
The author to this book, Mary Ellen Krantz,  is also teaching classes at IQF Houston this coming November, but check her schedule to always get a current snapshot of classes.  
In conclusion, SewCalGal highly recommends “Blending Photos with Fabric 2”.  Excellent book.  Inspirational book!
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